Laitance Removal

Before applying any floor covering on your new liquid flow screed, it is important to remove any laitance – the top flaky layer of the flow screed. Laitance is a weak layer formed by a mixture of sand, gypsol and water. If not removed, many floor covering failures will occur especially when the finished floor covering was applied, and it will result in a substandard finished floor.


As early as possible, laitance should be removed to avoid floor issues on new surfaces. Once you fail to remove the laitance layer, it would cost a lot of money to put it right as you will need to spend extra hours and manpower in fixing the issues of the damaged floor or surface. According to Dr. Kim Basham’s article “How to Avoid Concrete Coating Failures”, failure to properly prepare the surface typically results in adhesion failures or the coating separating from the concrete, wasting both time and money.

For these reasons, laitance removal is important because:

It will avoid failures—due to its frail aspect, laitance must be removed so that further
floor covering failures, problems and issues will be avoided.

It will save money and time—problems will be eliminated so there is
no reason to fix anything after covering a new liquid floor. Additional
manpower and labor will be reduced too.

It will present an excellent outcome—it is suggested to perform floor sanding to
extract dust. No failures, no need to spend extra money and
time as well as no extra labor equals an excellent outcome.

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