Self Leveling Compound UK

Franks Flow Screed also offers a Floor Leveling compound service that can achieve SR1, “surface regulatory” which is an extremely high standard. Franks flow screed commonly use this system for the leveling of pour substrates or the final layer on top of a screed to achieve a finer tolerance for the installation of tiles / vinyls, etc. 

Cementitious Leveling Compounds

Cementitious leveling compounds are used to level pour substrates to achieve finer tolerances for the installation of final floor finishes which are tiles, carpet, wood flooring, linoleum, floor epoxy paints, etc. Cementitious thin section leveling screeds range from 3mm up to 40mm depending on the product and can be either hand or pump applied. Some compounds are classed as wearing screeds due to their high tensile strength and can be suitable for industrial toppings. Franks Flow Screed chose this kind of screeding application due to its fast drying properties. The finishing process needs to be quite a fast rate to ensure the flow of the product, preparation of surface is required as a solid anchor and correct application of primer is also needed.

Self Leveling Screed Application

Easy application

Fast Drying

a smooth surface

High compresive strength


When to Use Self Leveling Compound ?


Self Leveling Compound’s can be used on all types of floors to include, timber, concrete, tiles and painted surfaces providing the relevant primers are in place.


How Deep can Self Leveling Concrete Be?


The installation thicknesses differ but there are solutions that range from 1mm up to 40mm in one application and generally have fast drying properties with polymer modifications.


Two types of self-leveling compound:


The first is a powder which comes with a latex liquid in a separate container. To prepare it for use, the two are mixed together to form the compound.

The second type of compound is a bag of powder, with the latex compound already included. This just needs to be mixed with water to use.

Self Leveling Compounds