Liquid Screeds UK

Franks Flow Screed Ltd provides advanced technology for free flowing liquid floor screeds that are engineered to fit all types of houses and buildings. In the UK, liquid screeds started to become popular for their flexibility, ease of use, fast installation and labor-saving characteristics. These unique screeds are currently gaining popularity as substitute, alternative or replacement for traditional sand and cement screeds.


Liquid screed serves as the best option especially when underfloor heating is being installed. It is because underfloor heating’s efficiency is highly increased when installed with liquid floor screeds.

Moreover, liquid screeds can be use in housing projects, renovations and constructions of new buildings. Actually, these types of screeds have been used in various kinds of structures and institutions such as schools, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, airports and more.

In addition, liquid screed has more advantages compared to traditional sand and cement screed method that has incommodities like it dries slowly, it requires intensive manpower to lay and it reduces heat output of underfloor heating. So here are some of the advantages that Franks Flow Screed can offer:

Fast installation- an area of 1000m2 of liquid flow screed can be laid in just one day without much hassle.

Self-levelling - no need to reduce its bubbles because it will be reduced by itself.

Perfect with Underfloor Heating- Franks Flow Screed gives excellent underfloor
heating systems underneath due to its high thermal conductivity quality.

Liquid Floor Installation


Offering liquid screed as the chosen one because of its promising advantages rather than sand and cement screed. Liquid screed gains its popularity which turned people to use this frequently. The following are the
usual benefits offered by liquid screed:

Offers minimum shrinkage


Easier to lay than sand cement screeds


Much more cost effective


Dries fast due to the minimum depth liquid screed can be laid


Self-leveling properties


Appropriate for use with underfloor heating


Traditional screeds have Portland Cement that can produce health problems and issues for those who are exposed to it. Fortunately, Franks Flow Screed provides you screeds with Gypsol binder that does not contain Portland Cement. With this kind of binder, possible health problems and issues can be totally avoided.

In addition, Anhydrite screeds can transform 100% recycled materials more sustainable in installing and applying screeds using binders and recycling process.

Furthermore, during an installation of liquid flow screed, safety measures are observed and the fact that Anhydrite liquid screeds save so much manpower and labor, then hazards and risks associated with them are reduced.