Know More About Frank

Franks Flow Screed Ltd is the no. 1 liquid flow screeding company within the UK. “Well, it certainly will be within the next couple of years” .

We named the company after Brad’s youngest son “Frank” his 4 years old at the moment so in truth, pretty useless when it comes to putting in some hard work and long days.

Those are left to “us” Brad and Sam, the dynamic duo that are loved by over 225,000 followers on Facebook for our daily fun filled harmless videos we do to entertain our fans.

Our vision for Franks is that it becomes a long lasting family run firm that all our kids can have a hand in running and enjoy the success that Franks is and will become over the years.

We cover the whole of the UK with nationwide coverage but of course there is a minimum charge and a certain number of miles we will travel before a job becomes unfeasible for us to undertake as a business.